Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The media assault on our intelligence is renewed in the final days
By Thom Palmer
October 26, 2016

As Hillary Clinton attempts to wind up this campaign season on high notes, trying to
move away from the negative campaigning, media prefers the vitriol of all out war. You see, when the campaign is a side show of crazy reality TV, their ratings are higher. So, less attention on substance and more attention on whichever side will be the dirtiest. It's about corporate profit, and not about the future of America and the world.

Whether they are catering to Trump's whining and crying about a non-existent media bias, treating the fascist with kid gloves,  or whether it is about improving TV ratings (more likely) as the election draws near, CNN and MSNBC seem to be falling back on their wild-card, in order to tighten up the race. A closer race equals more viewers, which equals more profit.

So, they've renewed and are trying to give credence to false claims of corruption by Hillary Clinton. They have rewarded a clear and present danger to the United States and everything we have stood for by allowing Breitbart fake scandals and even Russian espionage to infect the electorate. Even though there is nothing of value in the Wikileaks stolen emails, the emails are discussed as if there is a problem, questioning the honesty of Secretary Clinton. Doesn't this make CNN and MSNBC co-conspirators? Are they not aiding and abetting the crimes of theft and espionage? I think so. But for the sake of ratings and profit, they're allowing a set of false narratives, narratives that they know full well are useless and baseless lies, to be told many times per day to millions of viewers.

This display of media greed weakens the First Amendment as well as block the natural progression of our political landscape in the future. There is too much as stake to allow media to profit from GOP misinformation and slight of hand. 

They fail to realize that the nation NEEDS a Democratic Congress for a few years. Earth and humanity are at crossroads, and time is running out in order to make progress with regard to climate change and clean energy, world peace, and also repairing the damage caused by the Republican party and the Trump campaign with regard to racism, sexism and hatred. It's going to take a cooperative Democratic House of Representatives and Senate to repair the damage done. This is just not a time to screw around with ratings and media profits at the expense of millions of people and thousands of animal species that will be harmed by climate change, for example. 

Let them know how you feel. Change the channel when you hear bullshit being spoken, and flip them an email.

Here, Soledad O'Brien, reporter for CNN calls out her own company for profiteering from fake narratives. Below the video, find contact information for news agencies, and let them know how you feel. 

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